Concours d’Elegance London Style

Those who know us well know that Lance has a great appreciation for old (pre 1970) American cars. Prior to moving to England, he has never been too interested in European cars and has always loved the old Dodge, Chrysler and Plymouth. Not many people pay to put their old Plymouth Valiant in storage while they are living in another country!

Since our move to England, we’ve been watching a few fun car shows on TV and have enjoyed seeing an interesting array of cars on the road. We see a fair amount of older European collectible cars and also a lot of high-end Jaguar, Bentley and Rolls Royce. It surprises us how often we see them just out and about around town or parked on the street. So when the opportunity arose to go to a car show in London we decided to check it out. Luckily we also checked on the dress code, because just like the Queen’s birthday parade, they like you to dress up. No tank tops and cut off jean shorts for this car show!

The show was on the grounds of St. James Palace in London. Located close to Buckingham Palace, St. James Palace has been home to many kings and queens over hundreds of years. It is considered the London home of Prince Charles and is not usually open to the public which made it a little extra special to visit.

In addition to 60 rare old cars, the show was celebrating the 50th anniversary of Lamborghini with 50 additional cars on display.

We also had our first Royal sighting! In the pictures below you will see a distinguished man with a white beard. This is HRH Prince Michael of Kent. He is a cousin of Queen Elizabeth II.

On to the pictures …

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2 thoughts on “Concours d’Elegance London Style

  1. Joan says:

    The one with the red leather interior looks just like Lance’s convertible!

  2. Iggy Lopez-Alvarez says:

    Now this is very cool! I see that Lance is mentoring his worthy understudy, Grant on the finer points on motor coaches! Very classy affair!

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