Roman Whirlwind

When Lance offered to take me to Rome for 24 hours, I couldn’t say no, even though I knew it wouldn’t be enough time to explore this beautiful city. It kind of felt like speed dating. We zipped around the core part of the city as quickly as our feet could take us. We visited the Spanish Steps, the Trevi Fountain, and the Roman Coliseum just long enough to make a first impression and then we were on to the next “must see” sight. We sampled the gelato and the pizza and enjoyed a fantastic dinner on the roof of a hotel with an amazing view of the city and then took a late night walk through Vatican City. The best part of wandering around cities after 10 pm is you miss all the crowds. The whole experience was beautiful and I certainly need to visit again with more time to explore.

On the morning of the second day, Lance headed off to his meeting and I had a few hours before going to the airport. I wanted to wander around by myself for a bit. We stayed at an irooms hotel which is very interesting if you ever get a chance to try one. It was located in a residential building with other flats so it was much like a contemporary apartment. As I headed downstairs I was greeted by an Italian woman who immediately started a conversation with me. I nicely apologized and told her I only spoke English, but she did not seem to mind and continued full speed ahead with her conversation in Italian. I think she lived in the building and was bothered that someone left the main door to the street ajar. She smiled and waved her hands pointing toward the door and then to the stairs. I just kept smiling and nodding. Eventually she patted me on the arm and said, “Ciao,” to which I kindly replied, “Ciao,” and I headed out the door, carefully closing it behind me. The hotel had an agreement with the little café across the street to provide breakfast to it customers, so I stopped in for a yummy croissant and cappuccino. Why do these taste better in Italy that any where else? I sat for a while and watched the locals come in for their morning coffee. A group of people would step up to the bar ordering a cappuccino. They would sip/gulp it down in four or five mouthfuls and then be on their way out the door – no sitting, not too much chatting, no to-go cups, and no fancy foam or flavoured syrup. Just some good caffeine to get you going on your way to work.

I wandered toward the square nearby as shops started to open and people flooded down the little streets heading to their busy days. This particular square had a significantly sized church on each corner. I know this is Rome, but the sheer number of ancient and ornate Catholic churches just really surprised me. On some streets you’ll find one on each block. Each was beautiful. Some in much better condition than others.

I took quite a few photos but promised myself I would not bore you with more pictures of the Coliseum, Spanish Steps or the Trevi Fountain. So here are a few views of Rome that perhaps you have not seen. And if you ever want to visit for 24 hours, let me know, I’ll go with.

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5 thoughts on “Roman Whirlwind

  1. italyandme says:

    p.s. This is Beth Beeman, used to work with Lance when I was at CGA

  2. italyandme says:

    I’ll be there for a little over 2 days this summer, before we head down into the heel of the boot, Puglia and then on the Sicily. Looks like you had a great time, now you will need to go back 🙂

  3. Iggy Lopez-Alvarez says:

    Way to go, Mary! You are such a trooper. You certainly made the best of the short time you were in Rome with Lance. You definitely need to spend more time in Rome next time, for sure. You both look great!

  4. Joan says:

    I loved this blog and the pictures – but the one of you and Lance is my favorite! You make a good travel brochure for Rome.

  5. Tim Murphy says:

    What a great getaway! Your photography is really nice, Mary. I makes me want to be back in Italy. Hope you guys are well!

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