Sunday Markets

Does this interesting bird look familiar? I blogged about it back in November when I visited East London and toured a few outdoor market areas. It was a weekday morning and all was quiet. Restaurants were hosing down the sidewalks and the neighbourhood was mostly empty.


We finally returned on a Sunday this month when London is filled with many markets all over the city. We visited both Spitalfields and Brick Lane and have already learned about several more we’d like to explore. Some are small farmer’s markets offering fresh fruits and veggies and maybe fresh bread in a few booths. Others are enormous markets filled with flowers, custom and vintage clothes, all kinds of hot food, 009 jewelery, antiques, etc., etc. Both the famous and want-to-be famous are peddling their goods in London markets. If you are just a bit creative, love good food, or are looking for something original, you will love exploring the markets. Of course, if the sun is out, they are just unbeatable.




As you can see by our photos, the crowds were out! Yes, that street is packed with people all the way to the back of the photograph.