This is a special request from Natalie. She says I just have to blog about Gonzaga. Her exact message was “You should blog about Gonzaga because your AMAZING daughter not only goes to the best school ever but we are #1 in the nation and have the potential to win the tournament!”

For a small Jesuit college in the upper north west they are having a fantastic year. The students are so excited and proud of their team. First the men’s basketball team is named number one in the nation for the first time in the school’s history. Then they win the WCC championship along with the women’s team. They’re good too. Next we get a Jesuit Pope – that has to be a good sign – and the men’s team remains ranked #1 going into the NCAA tournament.

kennel clubTheir best performance in the tournament has been a spot in the elite eight and this year they are hoping for the final four or better if you ask the crazy fans in the Gonzaga Kennel.

Nat says you’ve got to watch this video. Enjoy and let the games begin!


One thought on “Go ZAGS!

  1. Derrick says:

    Indeed! Go Zags!!! Was Nat at the game in Salt lake City? I was watching and wondering if she was there. Only one (actually two) problems with the Zags moving on: There are two Michigan teams moving to the next round as well. H-m-m, who to pull for…..

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