Rainy Day Sunday… Again

Wow, as I write this post I see that I have not blogged for exactly one month. Not sure why that is. I think regular life has settled in. That combined with the cold weather means we are not out exploring as much. I am really looking forward to Spring. When it actually arrives here in England, I’m not sure. I’m hoping the temps will warm up just a bit by April.

Last Sunday we did get brave and decided to head into London despite the falling rain. We visited the lovely National Portrait Gallery whose newest addition is the Duchess of Cambridge portrait. It definitely looks like her and is well done, although she looks at least 10-15 years middleton-portraitolder. It is a bit too soft-focused and her laugh lines are over accentuated. That’s my official art reviewer opinion.

I love that so many of the world-class museums in London are free. Not just because they are free, but because it means the museums are bustling and well attended. There was a crowd admiring the hundreds of portraits on display and it made for a very enjoyable experience.

012Afterwards we spilled out into the neighborhood which is right in Covent Garden. Love it, love it! When you come to visit us (hint) we will be sure to take you there. It has a wonderful energy with many people strolling around shops, restaurants, food and art/craft booths. There are street performers and musicians and the mood is festive. It’s a fun place to visit both day and night with some fantastic food to enjoy.

We helped ourselves to a little gelato and promised we’d be back one warm evening to sit outside and enjoy dinner.