A Few Countries Apart

We’ve had many divide and conquer days. You know, a soccer game in one part of town and basketball in another. This week is a bit of an extreme example. Lance traveled to South Africa and I went to Brussels, Belgium with the kids.

This week is half term which is a week-long break for L&G. We had planned a few days in Brussels but then Lance was asked to attend a meeting in Johannesburg so I decided to continue on with the kids alone and not miss the opportunity to explore a new city. He got the 11 hour flight and we only had a two hour train ride.

The city was very enjoyable, chocolate shops everywhere you look and Belgium waffle stands on the corners.034 It is definitely a food city. Brussels is also the Capitol of Europe so all of the European Parliament buildings are here. We visited the very lovely St. Michael and St. Gudula Cathedral as well as the Grand Place, the Parlamentarium and the Royal Museum of Armed Forces. We packed a lot into two days.

Brussels might not be the first place people choose to visit when they are in Europe, but it was wonderful and we would visit again.




Back in London our taxi driver told us there was a big diamond heist in Brussels this morning. He was hoping we’d have some diamonds for him. No luck there!


One thought on “A Few Countries Apart

  1. Joan says:

    I liked this segment a lot – as I have some Belgian ancestry mixed in with a whole lot of Dutch…hint, hint…going to Holland soon? Can I also request a “Day in the life of Mary”? I’m really curious to see how it compares to your life here.

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