Real Snow Finally Arrives

Today we had a full day of snow fall. Our first real snow storm of the season. It looks wintry and beautiful outside. The news media have been warning all of England for the past few days to get ready. In our part of the country it usually snows just a few times each year and just a few inches. People are not too prepared and schools and offices quickly close for the day once about four inches falls. Sometimes the train system struggles as well. Overall, more than just a little dusting causes a lot of problems but makes everything look lovely. We ventured over to the golf course at the end of our street to take a few photos.


5 thoughts on “Real Snow Finally Arrives

  1. Iggy Lopez-Alvarez says:

    Well, I guess getting a tee time would be no problem! Very “cool” pics.

  2. Sue says:

    Great pictures. Love the contrast and black and white quality. Does everything close down if it snows like this?

    • Some of the schools did close. If we had two days of snow almost everything would shut down. They just don’t have enough equipment to keep all roads clear when there is a lot of snow and most drivers are not experienced with winter driving. Luckily it does not snow too much too often.

    • Pictures were just straight color photos, did not play with the effects. It was late in the day, around 4:30 or so and with the snow you get that cool blue hue.

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