We Love Our Visitors

We had a very special visit last week from Fr. Brendan McKeefry, our former pastor at Good Shepherd. Before we left California he told us that he had a planned vacation to Ireland and England in December and January. We told him we would love to see him if it could work out, and it did.

He spent Christmas in Ireland with his family telling us that it was his first Christmas at home in 43 years. Just to prove what a small world we live in, we learned this past summer that the pastor at our parish here in England was in seminary with Fr. Brendan and several other priests currently in Sacramento. Fr. Brendan was able to reconnect with him and stay at the rectory during his time in our area. It was really a wonderful connection.

We enjoyed dinner and a few outings together and the boys – Lance, G and Fr. B – attended a Fulham v. Wigan football match with 25,000 other fans.

Such a blessing to have wonderful people in our lives.


2 thoughts on “We Love Our Visitors

  1. Starla says:

    Greetings Hastings Family,
    Loved the latest story / update. It really is a small world! We pray your continued experiences bring joy and peace. Thanks for the journey you’re family is taking us on!

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