New Year’s Celebration in London

You have to be a little brave to venture out with more than 200,000 of your closest friends and stand in the cold for two hours waiting to celebrate the new year. Lance and the kids were just that brave, and with a lot of urging from Natalie, decided they could not miss ringing in 2013 in style.

The night went very smoothly, slow but smoothly. The Brits are usually very polite and supportive even in large crowds and stressful situations and many people bring children to large public events. Of course there are those who over indulge, but no troubles with crowd management. They waited for about two hours at the base of the London Eye to see one of the world’s most impressive fireworks shows. It lasted for 11 full minutes and as I watched from home I could not believe the intensity of the show. When it comes to pageantry, the Brits know what they are doing.

photo 1

I’ve mentioned before that fireworks are legal and easily purchased in England so I also had quite a show just beyond my garden. The explosions were so loud it sounded like someone’s house was blowing up. Full-sized, commercial grade fireworks going off down the street and around the corner. Quite a sight.

England had an incredible 2012. From the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee to the Olympics, to winning the Tour de France and the U.S. Open. It has been a grand year.

Here are some of Natalie’s photos from the night. It is always difficult to take pictures of fireworks from below so I am also including the video coverage from the BBC. Have a wonderful 2013!

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    Great pictures…Happy New Year!!

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