Lance’s Visit to Parliament

Last night Lance was invited to attend the All Party Parliament Beer Conference (Yes, beer does bring people together – Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and Labour!) hosted on The House of Commons terrace overlooking the Thames. The annual event provides the beer and hospitality industries the opportunity to interact with Members of Parliament to discuss issues affecting us while enjoying some beer and nibbles (appetizers).

The building itself is gorgeous, anchored on one end by Big Ben. We have admired it from across the river and have taken many pictures, but this was the first time any of us have visited the hallowed chambers. Lance learned that the building was built during the 1400’s and then subsequently added to over the years. The main hall where he took the pictures below is where heads of state lay in state prior to their funerals, including Winston Churchill, Princess Diana and the Queen Mother. Many plaques cover the floor indicating the exact location of a person’s casket, or where a speech was delivered. Nelson Mandela, for example, gave a speech in the Hall. Another plaque caught Lance’s eye, and he commented that this Hastings must have had a good lawyer!


Warren Hastings plaque


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  1. Wendy says:

    Stood his trial … for 7 years! We’ll have to look that one up!!

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