Mercedes-Benz World and To Russia With Love

Mercedes-Benz has turned a dealership into a destination. At Mercedes-Benz World, about 15 minutes from our house, you can learn the history of Mercedes-Benz cars, see all the beautiful new models they have to offer the European market, and test drive cars on their multiple tracks including handling circuits, wet straight and wet skid circles and a 10 acre off-road track. To make it even more exciting… they will let children (tall enough to reach the pedals) drive as well! Kids can spend up to an hour with a licensed driving instructor driving on several tracks to learn dynamic handling, skid management and off-road handling. That’s all sounding pretty exciting in my house!


Mercedes-Benz World has also cornered the party market and every year offers a series of extravagant Christmas parties. We attended one this past weekend with the American Women’s group. The theme for this year was To Russia with Love – a bit of both James Bond and Russia culture mixed together. Entertainment for the night included sword dancers, Russian acrobats, Russian dancers, casino tables and (of course) bumper cars. Not sure how they got thrown in there but it is quite a sight to see women in long gowns and men in tuxedos battling on the bumper cars, or dodgems as they are called here in England.

The photos were a bit challenging, but you will get the idea of the evening.


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  1. Iggy Lopez-Alvarez says:

    What? MB-world? That means G can take a test drive in a Benzo…..Nice! Jump on it, man!

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