British X Factor

Had to share this video of James Arthur from The British X Factor. He auditioned for the show with giant glasses and a geeky style and is now, post makeover, starting to come into his own. You’ll recognize the words to this song but it is certainly his own rendition. He has that Susan Boyle surprise factor that is very appealing. Because of the Simon Cowell connection, we get to watch both the current British and American versions of The X Factor.

British TV produces many great drama and comedy series and fabulous history shows. We have a good selection of house hunting and cooking shows and many antique hunting and selling programs. American shows, those we get, are often one season behind, including The Office, Glee, Modern Family, and Hawaii 5-O. We also get an overload of American’s Next Top Model and Friends which are shown all day, everyday.

A few new American series have been advertised but I don’t know how new they really are. These include Chicago Fire, Elementary, and Arrow.

And sadly there is plenty of the worst American TV on the air with the likes of Judge Judy, Jerry Springer, The Housewives of wherever, and the ever true to life Kardashians. No wonder Brits are confused about Americans and we have people telling us our accents don’t sound like we are from California. Huh? What does that mean? What is a California accent?

Another favorite on The X Factor is Ella Henderson. She is only 16 years old and an incredible singer. I hope she wins.