Dinosaurs and Dungeons

A four-day weekend for the kids means we have a little time to explore. Since Halloween is on the way we decided to stick with the theme and visit the Natural History Museum in London for dinosaurs, bugs and extinct animals. There is a multitude of amazing museums to visit in London and many are free. Yes free! So if you only have an hour or two you can still pop in to visit a portion of the museum and come back another time for the rest.

If you’ve watched the movie Night at the Museum, you’ll know what we felt walking into the museum greeted by an enormous dinosaur in the lobby. The museum is beautiful and uses the best technology to make the displays interesting and interactive. They have fabulous examples of both extinct and still-living insects and animals including the Dodo Bird and the Giant Sloth which have not roamed the earth for many hundreds of year. Well worth a visit.

Next up was the London Dungeons tour. I feared that this would just be a cheesy pre-Halloween adventure, but it was actually very entertaining and enjoyable. It’s a 90-minute tour, including three “rides,” exploring all the gory details of London’s past – black plague, Jack the Ripper, grave robbers, torturers, the gallows, the fire of London, and Sweeney Todd. You get the idea, lots of blood and guts and people dying. It’s all part of the history. When you overload on cathedrals, museums and castles this is a fun stop for teens and tweens. It was worth the price of entry and not so gruesome that you can’t eat afterward. So we stopped for dinner at Wagamama which is a great little Japanese restaurant and enjoyed Big Ben and the city of London all lit up for a Friday night.

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  1. Joan says:

    I love the sound of the dugeons tour. You are going to have to get in a few of the pictures Mary!

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