101 Things to Do This Fall

I borrowed the idea this list from another blog I was reading. To make it even more interesting, she found the ideas or directions for many of these activities on Pinterest. I deleted a few and added a few of my own. If you choose just ten of these items to accomplish this fall, you will have a great season. Enjoy!

1. Collect and press brightly colored leaves

2. Watch a high school football game and cheer loudly!

3. Create a new door wreath

4. Invite friends over for chili night

5. Carve/decorate a pumpkin

6. Go on a hayride

7. Make cards for special friends and mail them “snail-mail”

8. Enjoy a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte or make your own version

9. Enjoy a family bike ride

10. Share childhood memories with your children around the dinner table

11. Pick apples right from the tree

12. Start a family prayer list

13. Walk the dogs with the whole family

14. Surprise someone you love with a fall-colored mum

15. Tailgate before a football game with friends

16. Visit the pumpkin patch

17. Have a family game night

18. Collect pine cones

19. Decorate your mantel with fall leaves and branches

20. Volunteer at a local soup kitchen or food bank

21. Plan now to sponsor a family for Christmas

22. Start a fire in the fireplace

23. Read spooky “ghost stories”

24. Go to a kids’ soccer game

25. Prepare a scavenger hunt

26. Roast pumpkin seeds

27. Make pumpkin pies

28. Visit a corn maze

29. Make smores

30. Make caramel apples

31. Host a Halloween party

32. Paint your nails in Halloween colors

33. Start a savings jar for Christmas gifts

34. Create a hand-made quilt from scraps of clothing your kids have outgrown

35. Host or attend a fall festival

36. Read a novel

37. Read to your children

38. Make crock pot apple cider

39. Make homemade bread

40. Spend an “offline” day with your family … no cell phones, no internet, no TV, no texting… just family.

41. Take pictures of your kids with the grandparents

42. Create a fall “bucket list” with your family of the top 10 things you want to do this fall

43. Purge your closets of old clothes that you no longer wear and give them to charity

44. Stop and chat with your neighbors

45. Jump in a pile of leaves

46. Make pumpkin pancakes with cinnamon syrup

47. Watch the squirrels gathering food for winter

48. Make homemade costumes for Halloween

49. Buy fuzzy warm socks for everyone in the family

50. Bob for apples

51. Have a sleepover in the family room and talk late into the night

52. Plan a day at the park

53. Invite friends over to watch a football game

54. Write a “thank you” note to your children’s teachers

55. Bake sugar cookies

56. Read the story of the Mayflower

57. Visit a local nursing home

58. Learn to knit

59. Start your Christmas shopping early

60. Make pumpkin butter

61. Enjoy a bonfire with friends and family

62. Slow down…enjoy the brisk autumn air, the smell of the leaves, the coolness of evening, and savor each moment

63. Plan some homemade gifts for Christmas

64. Invite a family at church to your home for dinner

65. Fly a kite

66. Talk about fire safety with your family and take treats to the fire station

67. Pull out the sweaters, wash them up, and anticipate the coziness to come!

68. Make caramel corn

69. Watch “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving”

70. …. or, watch “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”

71. Go for an early morning walk and watch the sun rise on a cool, crisp day

72. Go on a “day trip” with your family

73. Buy a fluffy new pillow

74. Volunteer to babysit for a mom or dad that needs a little break

75. Admire the beautiful colors of fall leaves

76. Visit your child’s class and read a fun book to them

77. Gaze at the stars

78. Create an acorn-filled mason jar candle holder

79. Pray first thing in the morning

80. Make a pot of homemade soup

81. Visit a craft show with friends

82. Bring out the pumpkin or apple candles

83. Light a candle for family members who have passed-away

84. Find a good mystery to get absorbed in on “spooky” nights

85. Plant a tree

86. Collect cans to donate to the food bank

87. Make Pumpkin Spice Cookies

88. Make homemade applesauce

89. Have a family movie night

90. Surprise someone with breakfast in bed

91. Stay up late and watch the harvest moon

92. Decorate your front porch for fall

93. Send a postcard to an old friend

94. Tackle an outdoor project before winter

95. Thank a firefighter

96. Thank a police officer

97. Know of someone who can’t go home for Thanksgiving… invite them to yours

98. Write a letter to someone serving in the military

99. Mail a care package to someone away at college

100. Create a beautiful fall centerpiece for your table

101.  Say grace at dinner