Quick Visit to Rome

Traveling to different countries and new places was a big part of the decision to move to England. This week Lance added a new country and city to his list. Actually two countries as Vatican City is an independent state. It was a quick trip to Rome for meetings and a few brief hours of exploring. That is the drawback to business travel in beautiful places, the opportunities for sightseeing are limited. He was able to spend about an hour or so walking around ancient Rome and saw the Spanish Steps (Roman Holiday), The Colosseum, and the Trevi Fountain during a quick self-guided sprint through Rome. Tuesday night the group had dinner on a hill facing St. Peter’s Basilica. After dinner they took a car tour of a few other sites in town and enjoyed a real Italian gelato. Seeing incredible history and the progress of civilizations and empires before your eyes in amazing. From the Roman to the British to the U.S. What will the next empire be?


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  1. Joan says:

    Lance…International Man of Mystery – kind of – definately international though.

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