Dog Days

Don’t you wish dogs could smile? Every time I take a picture of my dogs they look sad or terrified. Dakota is really happy in this picture, she just doesn’t take good photos. Some of us are like that.

England is dog country and the British truly love their dogs. Everybody, and I really do mean everybody, walks their dogs, frequently off leash. Even in the dark and the pouring rain you see dedicated owners out there walking their dogs; sloshing through the mud and grass in their Wellington boots. Large parks with wilderness or forested areas are called “commons.” These areas are fabulous for dog walking and many people simply let their dogs run through the forest and play freely with the other dogs. They are all so well-behaved. One women I met invited me to walk my dogs with hers. I expressed concern that if I let my dogs off leash they would never come back. She looked at me kind of odd and said, “That wouldn’t happen. They always come back.” She doesn’t know my dogs! She hasn’t had to chase them several acres over when they happily chased jack rabbits in Wilton. She doesn’t know that Boomer would give anything if he could actually catch an irritating squirrel. If they were puppies I could teach them to walk off leash but I am not so sure about now.

We see dogs all over the place, sometimes in stores and sitting outside restaurants. There are even dog parking hooks outside grocery stores. Love it!

Today was bath day at our house. Dakota got the fancy bath and clip. Boomer got tossed in the bathtub. He’s too uncooperative to let someone else fuss over him.

Let’s see how long I can keep them clean in the rain – which is another reason for me to just stay on the pavement.