Rainy Day Monday


It is a very rainy day today. I can hear the rain hitting the roof and I am starting to feel the drag of the colder weather; don’t feel too motivated to walk the dogs in the rain. It is the first day of October which means time for a little decorating for fall and Halloween. I can’t find pumpkins which is really bumming me out. How can they not have pumpkins? I love pumpkins but have not seen even one in any grocery store. Pumpkin patches only open the week right before Halloween. How can this be? This week I need to find a farmer’s market so I can secure a pumpkin. Next year I will be sure to plant them in the yard so I can have my own supply.


I brought out my big bin of Halloween decorations just to remember that I can’t plug in any of my light-up pumpkins. Ugh! I also really need a pumpkin spice candle. That is a must.



We didn’t really have any new adventures this week, but did have a nice weekend. We visited Southampton again for a little shopping at their great mall and soon realized it was “payday weekend.” The mall was packed and looked like the week before Christmas with everything half off. I have not seen a mall that crowded in a very long time.

Lance and I also went into London last night to have dinner with a friend of his from California. We continue to be pleased with how quick and easy it is to get into London, just zoomed in and out for dinner.


10 thoughts on “Rainy Day Monday

  1. Joan says:

    Ok – I have to ask, how much in US money for one of your pumpkins? I was at a farmer’s market recently near Avila Beach and I have never seen so many varieties of pumpkins – gorgeous colors and heirloom shapes. We are blessed with abundance in CA.

  2. Joan says:

    Its the week before Halloween – can you get a pumpkin now?

    • Medium sized basic orange pumpkins showed up in grocery stores just last week. We purchased two larger pumpkins from a farmer’s market/garden store earlier in October. They should have been dipped in gold for the price we paid! I guess Americans are the only ones with the pumpkin obsession.

  3. Joan says:

    I wrote a comment but forgot to post it. I had a suggestion for your light up pumkins you can’t plug in….go to Costco and get the remote controlled flameless pillar candles (they have a nice boxed set) and use those to light up your electric ones.

  4. Irma says:

    It’s going to be close to 100 again today! Extended summer.

  5. Sue says:

    The house looks great Mary. It is weird that you can’t get a pumpkin until the end of the month. I am going to have to buy pumpkins this year since our garden produced none. It is 100 degrees here so I am not in the fall mood yet. Hopefully next week it will cool down and I will decorate. Say hi to the family for me.
    Haley made it home after quite an adventure. The train on the Piccadilly line broke down for 40 minutes so she missed her plane but it all worked out. She enjoyed having dinner with all of you.
    Take care,

    • We enjoyed seeing her. It sounds like she had a great trip with the exception of a few bumps. We were wondering why she missed her flight. Luckily there is always another international flight about to leave Heathrow.

  6. Wendy says:

    ahhh, Mary, I wish I could send you a pumpkin! I woke up this morning with the same thought: October! Have to get some Halloween juju going. Spent yesterday with friends crushing apples into juice and hard cider to follow. The temp today is suppose to be in the 90s, though we should have rain by end of week. I will join you in the dread of the long winter ahead.

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