Carters Steam Fair

Yesterday was sunny and cool, today is pouring down rain and very cold. Unfortunately, both L&G had to play a soaking game of soccer today. Luckily, we chose yesterday to visit the Carters Steam Fair right here in town. We are trying to explore someplace new every weekend and yesterday we did not have to go far.

The Steam Fair is an old-fashioned carnival where many of the rides are powered by steam. This particular company has rides, attractions and transport vehicles all from the early to mid-1900s. Everything has been restored, works perfectly, and is bright and colorful. It is interesting to notice how different safety standards are in England as compared to the U.S. You will see that there are few fences around any of the rides. Some of them move very quickly and have parts that swing overhead. Everyone is supposed to use common sense and not walk to close when they’re moving. People are also supposed to keep track of their own small children. Some of these rides did not even have seat belts. OK, that was a little concerning. All in all, it was great fun. Here are some pictures to enjoy.

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  1. Joan says:

    Loved the pic of Lance as the oldest swinger…..

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