First Day of Fall

Welcome to the first day of Fall. I was hoping I would have some lovely Fall photos to share with you, but nothing much has happen around here just yet. It is starting to get cooler. We have had mostly clear sunny days this month, but the temperature has started to drop and the sweaters, or jumpers as the British call them, are out.

I’ve try to share a lot of interesting small differences about life in England and today I have another. This device is located in our garage. It is tucked away in a back corner but it has a very important job. This is all we have to heat our water and heat our house for the winter. It is our gas-powered instant water heater. We use it year ’round for the hot water and have just recently turned it on to heat the house.

How does it work you ask? Well it took us awhile to figure that out. In fact we wandered around the house looking for the thermostat for a while before we decided to check the garage. We knew we did not have forced air heating, but we were not sure what to look for. It heats water, however hot we want, and then the water circulates through the radiators that are located in each room. The radiators also have adjustment knobs so we can make a room warmer or turn it off all together. Now we haven’t had a long stretch of cold days just yet, so I am not sure how warm the house will get. The pipes on the radiators can get very hot so I am hoping the house will be toasty.

Traditionally the radiators are placed under the windows to help with the cold drafty air. Luckily we have double pane windows so that is not too much of a concern. Most of the radiators in our house have these nice covers. They hide the ugly radiators and also reduce the chance that you will place you hand on it when it is hot. The only draw back is having to arrange your furniture around these radiators, otherwise, this is clean and efficient energy at its finest and just about every house in England is heated in this way.


3 thoughts on “First Day of Fall

  1. Joan says:

    We have this kind of hot water heater – but I had no idea they were also used to heat houses. Seems like it would be better than hot dry air blowing through the vents.

  2. Paul Froehlich says:

    Hi Mary, I am really enjoying reading your blog! I have found it really interesting. Say hi to everyone for me. Paul Raymond

  3. Donna Froehlich says:

    Those heaters are something like they still have in Gross Pointe. That is the old money, rich mansion area. Yours is dressed up real nice though. lol

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