Southampton Boat Show

We headed down to Southampton today to enjoy one of Britain’s boats shows. It was a wonderfully sunny day and when the breeze blew off the water it was just perfect. England is an island, you know, which means there is lots of water around. And with France on just the other side of the English Channel it is a great place for boats, big and small. This show was huge and very fun to explore. They had every kind of boat from fold up portable boats, to traditional wooden boats like those we see on Lake Tahoe, to enormous top of the line sail boats and yachts. We needed to pick out our yacht to head down to the Mediterranean after we win the million pound lottery. Well actually it will have to be a couple million – these boats are expensive.

This one looked good to us. Not too big, not too small, sleeps 10.

L living the good life.

G in control.

Relaxing for just a bit.

There was also the Celebrity Cruiseline ship Eclipse that was heading out of port full of lucky people. We do want to take a cruise through the Caribbean next summer and seeing this ship looked like a lot of fun.

Celebrity Eclipse

The boys on the Royal Navy boat.

The boat that Davin Beckham drove to bring the torch to the Olympics.

Just had to add this ice cream truck because it was so cute.