American Women of Surrey

I joined an organization this week called the American Women of Surrey. It is part of the international network of American Women’s organizations around the world and luckily there is a group right here in Surrey. They are mostly a social group organizing great tours around London and dinners and fun events for American women. They also participate in several charity events throughout the year and offer support to American women moving to England.

At the first meeting I attended there were probably 30 new members. Many had just arrived in August so I was feeling like an expert compared to them! For some, like me, it was their first time living outside the U.S., but there were a good number of women who were relocating their families from other countries like Germany, France, and Singapore. There are many international companies that regularly move employees and families to multiple countries. Some of the members are only in England for two or three years, others have lived here for 16 years or more and will likely never move back to the U.S.

It is a great group of women, very welcoming and happy to answer all my crazy questions. I am looking forward to cooking classes with local chefs, shopping trips to markets around the south of England, behind the scenes tours at London theatres and holiday home tours. This is right up my alley. I just need to make it home by 3:25 to pick up the kids from school. No sweat!


2 thoughts on “American Women of Surrey

  1. Yvette Espinoza says:

    This sounds great! Have lots of fun, gosh your a housewife now. What does that feel feel like?

  2. Wendy says:

    Good for you! This group sounds like a perfect match and I look forward to hearing about your events with them. Hugs to everyone!

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