Blackdown Avenue

The street behind our house is called Blackdown Avenue. This has become our go-to spot for walking the dogs. It is an interesting, quiet, tree-lined street with mostly older houses, some large and beautiful and others needing a little TLC.

I have always loved exploring neighborhoods and admiring the houses. Big or small, old or new, I look at the architecture and think about how the house might look on the inside. If it is in need of some work, I imagine it with a fresh coat of paint or new windows. I have sympathy for the fixer-upper. This is the first time since Lance and I moved to Elk Grove that we have not lived in the house we own. We can’t let our minds run with ideas of what to fix up or change. Although just the other day Lance couldn’t resist saying, “If this was our house this carpet would be gone and I’d be looking at the wood floors underneath.” We already have our list of projects for the house in Wilton when we return – new dishwasher, plant more trees, add a barn, etc.

For now, I will just admire the outside of homes and England is a great place to do that. The houses here are most like traditional older neighborhoods in the U.S. We often comment that it feels like Carmel or East Sacramento. Houses have a lot of stone and brick and remind us of “Hansel and Gretel” houses. Many are much older than we are accustomed to.

Here are a few interesting homes, walking distance from our house. Click on any photo to start the slide show. Take a close look at the house with thatched roof. I do not know how old this house is, but it is definitely a newer thatched roof. You probably think of Ireland when you hear thatched roof. They were common on the little white cottages that used to dot the country side. Thatched roofs were free because they were made from the grasses that grew wild. Today if you want a thatched roof, it is a very expensive long-term commitment and must be properly insured due to the fire risk. Thatched roofs are a status symbol on the nicest homes. This particular thatched roof has beautiful details added at the peaks.


2 thoughts on “Blackdown Avenue

  1. Joan says:

    I am surprised that so many homes have pea gravel instead of lawns.

    • We were surprised too Joan. There seems to be more focus on rear gardens than front gardens. Most front yards are blocked from view by very large hedges or a fence of some sort. We also see very little cement here in England. Even the sidewalks, which are called pavement, are made of asphalt. Driveways and walkways are either loose stone or pavers. Even the large courtyard in town center is made of pavers set in sand.

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