Paralympic Coverage

The BBC and all of London is doing a great job covering the Paralympics. They have dedicated multiple channels to the coverage and the city is decorated with banners and signs announcing the Paralympics just as it did the Olympics. I don’t recall ever seeing these games on TV in the U.S. after the Olympics, not even when they were in Atlanta. Is there any coverage on in the U.S. this week?

The opening ceremony was very nice. Not as elaborate as the Olympics, but still quite a spectacle. The queen attended once again, along with Prince William and Kate. Prince Harry was busy – somewhere. (That Vegas trip didn’t work out so well for him.) It was interesting to hear the commentators discuss how some countries have outdated wheel chairs and equipment for their athletes and how this is a significant disadvantage. Also, the countries that have recently dealt with civil war and military conflicts now have more athletes participating with injuries from military incidents as opposed to birth defects or other accidents.

We have been watching swimming, biking and wheelchair basketball. We are waiting for the wheelchair rugby which is supposed to be very intense. The swimming is amazing. As a mother, I don’t know if I could ever place my young child, missing an arm or two and a leg or two, into the water to learn to swim. But swim they do. Grant and I were amazed to see a young man, missing both arms, win the backstroke by a full body length. He propelled himself with the dolphin kick for the entire race. Incredible!

Britain is doing a first class job celebrating all of its athletes.

Here is the link to David Beckham trying out the blind football with the athletes.


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  1. Laskin Family says:

    So cool to see them celebrate the will of these athletes! Thank you so much for your insight, we love it! Enjoy school, Grant. Sonia and Bailey (and I’m sure the whole school) misses you.

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