A Little Garden Tour

When we arrive at our home our garden was in full bloom. I was pleased and surprised to see giant hydrangeas. I love hydrangeas and I have never had great luck growing them in the heat of Elk Grove. I also am loving the tall trees. When we moved out to Wilton we had to get used to baby trees again and no shade. We are hoping that when we return to California the trees at the house will actually be tall enough to create some shade.

About a year ago the owners of our rental house had the garden redone and replanted. It has large hedges around the perimeter which is the usual in England and a variety of blooming plants and trees everywhere else. We have a side yard that is set up for a vegetable garden, but regrettably I think we are going to convert it to a dog run. Behind the tall shrubs and various plants is a short three-foot tall link fence. In some spots the dogs could jump right over and into the neighbor’s yard. When I go out to run errands or we are gone for the day, we need a place to put the dogs where we know they will still be when we get home. We also have a rain catcher which gathers the rain water that comes from the roof gutters. Since we get regular rain in the summer this is a great idea. There are no in-ground sprinklers in the yard, so if we go a few days without rain we can fill the watering can to water the plants.

I wanted to take some pictures to share before all the flowers disappeared. As Lance told me yesterday, September 1st is almost here and that will mean the start of fall for us in England. I don’t think I am ready for that just yet!

If you click on the pictures below it will open a slide show with larger photos.


2 thoughts on “A Little Garden Tour

  1. Derrick says:

    I see you have your mother’s knack for gardening, Mary. Very lovely!

  2. Joan says:

    The yard is really pretty – I could picture sitting in any of those chairs with a class of wine. Your lawn would be great for croquet!

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