School Uniforms


School does not start for another two weeks, but both L&G have gotten their new uniforms. G doesn’t mind, but L thinks they are the worst thing ever. It is hard when you are a bit of a fashionista to be forced to wear an old lady style uniform. She thought they were a thing of her past, and now they are back with a vengeance.

All schools – private, public, faith based, boarding, preschool – all wear uniforms. They all, except for the preschools, have blazers as part of the uniform. At St. John the Baptist the blazer must be worn for the entire day, no exceptions. They also wear ties, boys and girls, and they are worn short with only seven stripes showing. I think the tie color changes as the kids get older.

I must admit that the uniforms do not fit particularly well. They are oversized and somewhat baggy which also adds to L’s dissatisfaction. If she could wear the PE shorts and polo everyday she’d be happy.

Both boys and girls also have rugby shirts and warm up pants as part of their PE uniform because both play rugby. We are in for an interesting year.





3 thoughts on “School Uniforms

  1. Colleen Earley says:

    Thanks to Lauren again for all the CB clothes… Sammy is wearing them proudly!!!

  2. Julie Laskin says:

    How fun! Who would have thought SEAS skirts, rolled up would have been all the rage?

  3. Teresa says:

    Grant, you are very handsome!

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