After our visit to Stone Henge, we headed northwest to the lovely city of Bath. Bath is a World Heritage site appropriately named because it is the location of England’s only natural hot springs. The Romans built an elaborate bath and temple at this site after one of their big “let’s invade England again” adventures a couple thousand years ago.

The baths took advantage of the natural hot springs when the Romans added their amazing engineering skills and built the still working aqueducts and sewer system. There were several baths of different temperatures and an area for steam rooms, massages and general socializing. There was also one holy bath dedicated to a Roman goddess where visitors would write their wishes or curses on tin to throw into the water.

The tour was incredible. The museum and the artifacts were very interesting to see and yes, the hot springs are still actively pumping thousands of gallons of hot water up to the surface each day. The baths are no longer open so there was no swimming or massages offered.

The city of Bath around the Roman ruins is very charming. It is nestled among green rolling hills with cobble stone streets lined with very nice stores and cafes. It is one of the favorite cities of celebrity types like Johnny Depp and Nicholas Cage who have had homes nearby.

We will certainly visit again and have added it to our list of places to take visitors. It would be a great place for a getaway weekend.






2 thoughts on “Bath

  1. Yvette Espinoza says:

    Hi Hastings Family! I saw this bath house during the Olympics coverage on the Spanish broadcasts! Beautiful!

  2. Julie Laskin says:

    Hastings, miss you guys so much! Today is the first day of school at SEAS and of course, Grant not being there is so strange. Thanks for all the updates and photos, it’s been fun reliving the sites Alan and I took in 12 years ago! Look forward to our trip across the “Pond”.

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