Stone Henge


We are touring a bit before Natalie heads back to the U.S. next week. First stop Stone Henge.

The first impression is not grand. Stone Henge is in an open, fairly flat area right along side a busy two lane highway. They have left the area very natural and have placed all tourist buildings off to the side as to not impede the view. Initially it looks a little small.

Visitors walk in a large circle around the stones. As you listen to the recorded narrative and soak in the view, it really does grow on you. It is beautiful in its simplicity and yet very complicated when you learn it was built 5000 years ago. Some of the stones came from over 100 miles away and 1/3 of each stone is buried below ground. The stones were chiseled by hand with primitive tools to interlock with each other for strength.

They don’t really know why it was built, but it does track the seasons of the year. The sun shines through the arches at the summer and winter solstice.

It was peaceful and beautiful. I hope people realize how special it is as they zoom by on the highway every day.

Here are a few of Natalie’s beautiful photos. You can see how large it is compared to the people nearby.