Wrapping Up the Games

If you are like me and tend to tear-up watching sentimental commercials, you will love this Procter and Gamble ad.

The BBC did a fantastic job covering the Olympics in England. There were always a minimum of three BBC cable channels showing the various Olympic events. All events including the opening ceremony were commercial free. We were able to watch several sports that we have not watched in the past due to editing on U.S. television.

The theme of the Olympics in England was “Inspiring a Generation.” The hope is the excitement of the Olympics will encourage people, particularly children, to get active and start competing in sports. There is discussion of requiring all primary schools to offer competitive sports for the students. It is not very common for girls to play competitive sports in the UK.

All of the UK has been energized by the Olympics. Even Princes William, Harry and Princess Kate were spotted at many of the events. The Para Olympics start soon and they have been promoting them extensively as well. We will take a look. Hopefully they will be as enjoyable to watch. They will certainly be inspiring.

We will miss the Olympics. Next up, Russia in two years for the winter games and Rio de Janiero for the summer games in 2016. Not sure we will be lucky enough to be there.


One thought on “Wrapping Up the Games

  1. Yvette Espinoza says:

    I love that commercial! They played a shorter version of that here. Gosh, commercial-free tv? unheard of here. I can’t wait for the Winter games. I am not sure they televize the ParaOlympics. Post a slideshow of all the pictures you’ve been taking. That would be great.

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