On the Way to the Gold Medal Match


We took a risk at the beginning of the Olympics and bought tickets for the women’s gold medal soccer match. We felt fairly confident that the US women would make it that far. Last night was a little stressful thinking we would end up watching Canada and Japan, but then our luck changed. The US women made it happen. If our neighbors in the apartment building didn’t know before that we are Americans, they know now. The kids were cheering so loud, all of Woking knows.

So the good news is, Thursday night we will head into London to watch the gold medal game. It is sold out, so the stadium will be full. This is a rare event for the UK where women’s sports are still mostly ignored. It will be a first for all of us and incredible to see the gold medal ceremony. We will post pictures for all of you.

This time we will eat before we get into the stadium!


3 thoughts on “On the Way to the Gold Medal Match

  1. Derrick says:

    What is security like there?

    • Security is not over the top, but there is definitely a noticeable presence. We saw lots of motorcycle officers at the torch relay. Usual athletic event security at the first soccer game. I anticipate serious security at the gold medal game. They are anticipating over 83,000 attending.

  2. Teresa says:

    Hope you have fun Thursday…watching the gold medal ceremony will be amazing…go USA!

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