Is Anyone Out There?


One of the cool features of managing our blog on WordPress is they provide us with visitor stats. We know how many people read the blog each day and which countries they live in. On our busiest day we had 80 readers. That’s pretty good since it’s just family and friends and we have only been writing for a few weeks. Our second best day was August 4th with 45 readers.

We need to hear from you. At the end of each entry there is a link to add a comment. We would love a comment or two. Are our stories boring, interesting, funny? Do you have a question or is there something about living in England you are wondering about? Let us know. We have received two comments so far – thank you Wendy and Joan!

We do try to write at least every other day, but if you hate having to check back on the blog, you can receive an email when there is a new entry. Just click on “follow” in the lower right corner. An email will automatically come to you when we post a new entry.

Thank you for reading. We are having a lot of fun sharing our stories with you.


4 thoughts on “Is Anyone Out There?

  1. greg h says:

    Hi Cousin!

    We finally made it Elk Grove and lo and behold you were … well … about 5280 miles away 🙂

    We had a great visit and enjoyed staying over your Mom’s new house.

    Yes, thank you for the blog! We are both very excited about your adventures in England and appreciative of your sharing.

    I assume it is ok for me to share your link here with other cousins?

    Glad you all got to the Olympics!!!

    Keep safe. Enjoy exploring.

    Love always,

    g & j

  2. Joan says:

    Ditto from all of us!

  3. Mike Froehlich says:

    Billiant. Banging good blog.

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