British Phrases


We discover new phrases everyday. Here are just a few we learned right away.
Take Away = To Go (At a restaurant you need to say this is for “take away.”)
Trousers = Pants
Pants = Underwear (Don’t be like me and ask the girls at the school if they can wear pants or only a skirt with their uniform.)
Biscuits = Cookies
Quid = Buck (As in “That will be two quid for your coffee.”)
Garden = Backyard (landscaped or not it is still called the garden)
Trainers = Tennis Shoes (If you ask for tennis shoes you will get an odd look.)
Cream = Whipped Cream (Would you like cream on your coffee?)
Chips = French Fries
Crisps = Potato Chips
Courgette = Zucchini
Hoover = Vacuum (The cleaners asked if they could Hoover the room.)
Toilet = Bathroom (Yes you have to ask “Where’s the toilet?”)
Post = Mail or letter
Brelly = Umbrella
Cheers = Goodbye
Rubbish = Garbage
Bits = Items or belongings
Jacket Potato = Baked Potato
Mexican Wave = “The wave” at a sporting event
Car Park = Parking Lot
Petrol = Gas
Puddings = Dessert
Lift = Elevator
Words we hear often while watching the Olympics = Brilliant, Bang on, Massive!