Women’s Olympic Soccer


We took the train up to Glasgow, Scotland this weekend to see the U.S. Women’s Olympic soccer game against Columbia. U.S. won 3-0. The entire experience was very interesting and fun. First, taking the train through England and up in to Scotland was very scenic and enjoyable. It was a high speed train traveling over 100mph.

Many people tell us that Edinburgh is the city to visit in Scotland. Glasgow was not particularly pretty although it is located along a nice river.

The UK has many volunteers working during the Olympics. In the train stations, and at the stadiums are tons of people wearing the pink Olympic vests that are ready to answer questions and offer help. They even offered free transportation from the main train station out to the stadium. Everyone is very helpful and excited about the games.

Americans definitely turned out for this match. We heard lots of familiar accents and were not the only goof balls dressed in stars and stripes. The U.S. woman dominated the game. We also stayed for part of the game between France and North Korea. It was uncomfortably cold and starting to rain so we decided not to stay for the entire game.


Natalie took over 100 great picture of the game so let her know if you would like a photo of a particular player.



A few interesting things to note. European stadiums are not like the stadiums in the U.S. There was only one booth with Olympic items for sale. Prices are reasonable, but there is not a great selection. When we headed up to the snack bar we discovered a menu with about five items. That’s it throughout the entire stadium. They offered steak pie, mince meat pie, curry chicken pie and cheesy bean pie. Also a soda or water with no ice. That’s it! No garlic fries, no beer, no popcorn, no hotdogs. We were all reminiscing about the great food at the RiverCats games. We also sat through many announcements asking us to take our rubbish home with us to help keep the stadium rubbish free. It is surprising how difficult it is to find a trash can in any public area in the UK. We have to hunt for trash cans in the train stations. I guess Europeans are well trained to eat at home and carry their own trash.


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  1. Brenna says:

    So exciting, what a great experience for all of you, we miss you all dearly! Brenna

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