Furniture Tracking


Our couch is on a fantastic journey.

The movers arrived at our home in Wilton on June 26th. They spent two busy days wrapping, packing and boxing every item and piece of furniture in the house. It was an emotional process for all of us to watch. Then, everything you own drives off down the street and you hope you will meet again one day.


There are so many great things technology brings us, and one is you can track your cargo ship as it travels around the world. We know our household was trucked to Oakland and two weeks later set sail on the Rotterdam Express. It has traveled through the Panama Canal and will reach Savannah, Georgia today. We do not know how long it will be there, but it is expected to reach England by August 9th.

Having our own beds, couches, and dishes will make our rented house here in England feel much more like our home. We can’t wait to sleep in our own comfy lumpy beds.




2 thoughts on “Furniture Tracking

  1. Derrick says:

    Very nice, Mary. How do YOU like it in the U.K.? Closest I came was Heathrow on my back from Germany in 1973. I’ve been enjoying messages from the kids and they seem to really like it there.

    Have you driven there yet? Strange I bet.

    I’ll be reading your blog everyday, lil cuz.

    Love to all, Derrick

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