Boomer and Dakota


We are missing our two wild ones. Boomer and Dakota are still in the U.S. They are staying at a posh doggie kennel in Danville. They were supposed to be here already, but right before departure, Boomer’s new microchip decided it was not going to register on the scanner. So, poor guy, had to get another microchip inserted and then be revaccinated. This is what the UK requires of animals from the U.S. He cannot arrive until 21 days after vaccination.

The dogs will board a British Airlines flight in San Francisco on Friday, August 3rd and be delivered to our new house on the 4th. All of this is coordinated by an international pet transport company. Another business we did not know existed prior to this move. So if you have a pet that needs to be transported anywhere in the world these transporters will take great care of them and make sure all the paperwork is in order.