Apartment Tour


We are currently living in a two bedroom, two bathroom furnished apartment near town center in Woking. The location is excellent as we can easily walk to the mall, to the small grocery store, the train station, etc. Restaurants are very close by. The drawback, of course, is the size. Five people with too much luggage in a small apartment is quite an adventure.

I took these pictures just as the apartment looks – no cleanup. You will notice the girls room very quickly! Poor Grant has to sleep on the tiny cot next to the couch. Good thing he is young and limber.

Our one complaint is that the hallway has no window, no air circulation, is about 90 degrees and very very smokey from people smoking in their apartments. We usually run from the elevator to the door to get through the hallway as quickly as possible.

We are on the 7th floor but it would be the 8th floor in the U.S. The first floor of all buildings in the UK is called the ground floor. The “second floor” for us Americans is Floor 1. It is only confusing when you hit the 1 button on the way down the elevator. You don’t quite make it to your destination.

I am also including a picture of our all-in-one washer and dryer. It sounds like a great idea to have one machine both wash and dry, but it is not very effective. It holds about six garments, washes and drys for 3-4 hours and everything is still damp when it is finished. We will have a separate washer and dryer at the house.