Olympic Torch Relay


This is actually the second time we have seen the Olympic Torch. The first was when it visited Sacramento several years ago and the torch traveled up Franklin Blvd. through South Sac. In Sacramento it was in the back of a moving vehicle and zoomed by very quickly.

Yesterday we traveled by train to Guildford and joined the crowd lining the streets waiting for the torch. The mood was festive and everyone was happy and cooperative. They had musicians playing outside (Johnny Cash songs!), and a strong police presence. We did see a few 20 something guys get a free tour of the back of a paddy wagon. Not sure what they did to earn that treat.

Just like in the US, the large corporate sponsors like Coke and Samsung had big presence. After about a 45 minute wait our torch bearer ran by and we got our quick 15 second view. Most of the crowd headed off to a local park for the torch celebration. We headed off to Jamie Oliver’s restaurant to eat!

A Royal Navy helicopter was scheduled to fly into the park to pick up the flame. Later that evening a member of the Royal Navy repelled down from the helicopter to deliver the torch to the Tower of London. That must have been a great sight!