Rainy Day in London


We enjoyed a rainy tour in London yesterday. We caught the train out of Woking into Waterloo Station. It is a quick and easy 20 minute quiet train ride in. Very easy and comfortable. Almost too easy. We jumped into the Tube (London’s subway) and traveled a few stops to catch our big red two story tour bus. It’s topless upstairs which would have been wonderful if it were not raining.

We decided the bus tour would provide a good introduction to the city for the kids. You could literally ride this bus for 8 hours around London if you chose. There are several different routes all pointing out every statue, every ancient landmark and every location where someone famous slept. It did give me the opportunity to make a mental list of the places we would like to return to for a more detailed tour: Tower of London to see the crown jewels, Westminster Abbey, St. Paul’s, Buckingham Palace. Grant enjoyed getting a look at The Shard, Europe’s new tallest building.

The tourist and shopping areas like Trafalagar Square and Oxford Street were packed with teenage travel groups. And I do mean packed. People crashing into you on the street. Lines so long that you decide not to buy anything because you will have to wait too long to pay. Can’t imagine how they will add another million visitors during the Olympics. We ate lunch at a neighborhood pub which provided a quiet escape from the crowds.

Once we were exhausted, grouchy and our feet hurt we caught our nice train back out to Woking. After the Olympics we will venture into the city again to learn the neighborhoods and enjoy the wonderful restaurants and theatre.