Birthday Girl


Today we have a new 15 year old. We celebrated our first European birthday for Miss Lauren today. By mid-August we will have three teenagers in the house. Please say some extra prayers for us!

We jumped on the train again and visited Guildford, the town next door. It is a quick 8 minute trip. Guildford has a nice mall and a great street shopping area called High Street. Many nice boutiques and specialty shops on a quintessential British street. I can’t wait to see it all decorated for Christmas.

We also had our first day without a drop of rain! The sun danced in and out of the clouds but no rain. It was wonderful. Almost everyone we meet apologizes for the bad weather. England always gets a lot of rain, but the summers are not usually this wet. In fact, this is the wettest summer on record and these folks have records that go way back.

It was a fairly mellow birthday for Lauren, but she picked up a few new clothing items and had a nice lunch out.

We also attended our first Mass at St. Dunstan’s. The pastor attended seminary with Fr. Brendan McKeefry, for those of you who know Fr. Brendan. The church is modern in style, fairly small and just a few years old – built in 2008. We all commented on how every person sang and stayed to the very last word of the very last song. No early bolters like we usually see. It is smaller than our parish in California, but there were many families with children and everyone was very welcoming.

Tomorrow L&G tour their new school and we’ll settle in a bit more in our new town.



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  1. Father Mc Keefry left OLA, do you know where he went?

  2. I like when people stay til the end too!

  3. Wendy says:

    Awww! Great shot of the Birthday Girl! Glad you had a rain-free celebration! XOXO y’all!

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