Switzerland and Poland

For my first travel outside of England I flew to Zurich, Switzerland to meet with colleagues at the European Hub Office as part of my induction to the business. Even though my time in the country was brief, Switzerland is as beautiful, clean and organized a country I’ve ever seen. Definitely a place to enjoy for a longer trip. Next I was off to Poland.

Ka Boom!! Yep, that’s the sound one hears in Warsaw, Poland as that country’s team prepares to play Russia in the evening’s EURO 2012 soccer/football match in Warsaw. And it would be a complete night until the riot police and water cannons show up to disperse the crowds. It was a mix between a Chinese New Year’s celebration and rock concert until the bottles started getting thrown and water started streaming from the top of the huge police motorhome/tanks. My colleague Pawel assured me that it hadn’t been like that in Poland since martial law. While intended to be comforting…I knew it would be on the news and I knew my wife would kill me if I got hurt!

After Poland shocked the world playing to a 1-1 tie, Warsaw became a happy and festive nightspot that demonstrated European charm and hospitality. We walked through the historical district in the middle of the night with thousands of people still celebrating a tie. And come to think of it, a tie was the best possible outcome that night. Any other result would have seen more unrest, police and cannons. As it was we were able to snap a picture with the police.