What a Party!

On June 4th, I arrived in England the next day amidst a major party that was being celebrated across the entire United Kingdom. A party I assumed was being thrown on my behalf, but then Queen Elizabeth spoiled the surprise by remaining a stalwart monarch for 60 years!! It was nice to see reverence for her leadership and stability, things lacking in modern American politics. The English truly like the Queen and while her role is much more ceremonious, the entire country celebrated over four days her 60 years on the throne.

I spent those first few days getting lost, finding groceries and settling in to my new apartment in the town center of Woking in Surrey County…my new home for the foreseeable future.

My first day in the office was Wednesday, and everyone was very welcoming to the new, but older kid on the block. SABMiller has great teams and the Industry Affairs team of which I am a part is great…all from diverse backgrounds, yet all united in purpose.