One On The Way

Bon Voyage! On Sunday, June 3rd I started a new adventure for me, and most certainly my family. We attended Mass at Good Shepherd and received a very nice blessing from Father Leon and a bittersweet send-off from our friends. We all agreed that lunch at MaJong’s would be a great way to spend the last few hours before my flight from Sacramento to San Francisco.

Let me say this, with all the technology available at each of our fingertips, including those of the people who run United Airlines, you would think that a flight delay that would make it impossible to make a connection to London might just be a good reason to reach out to a traveller on his way to England. But no!

There were five of us in our VW Passat wagon with every occupant, including myself, thinking that this would be a “drop at the curb, kiss-kiss and go” And it started out that way until I got inside and quickly realized that the only way to get to my connection in San Francisco would be to DRIVE there! Yes, with all five of us with 2 hours and 45 minutes until SFO-LHR would amble down the runway.

This challenge gave me a perfect example to demonstrate grace under pressure to my family. No worries I said, as I adhered to the local speed limits (if we were on the Autobahn!) and made our way through San Francisco. But of course, we were low on gas and just had a big lunch, so barely 20 minutes into the journey we had to stop in Dixon to address those two important issues.

Once back on the road, we realized that the Giants were playing but figured that we would be cruising through downtown around the 7th or 8th inning and have no delays to the airport. For whatever reason it was a pitching duel and the game was over as we hit 5th Street off the Bay Bridge. We arrived at the airport at 4:05pm for a 4:50 international departure to London Heathrow and the airlines really prefer a two-hour arrival at the airport.

I just made the flight, and realized that my entire family had to spend the entire day driving to and from San Francisco just to make sure I could start a new job. Thanks Mary, Natalie, Lauren and Grant!!